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Enjoy your drink on the go with the gorgeous (and best-selling) PortoVino Canvas wine tote bag! This true fashion accessory lets you inconspicuously store and pour up to 2 full bottles of wine (or 1.5L of your favorite beverage).  Make every party more fun with this stylish and easy to use purse with wine spout. Who doesn’t need that? 

Here's what else you'll love about the PortoVino...

  • The classic fun design means you'll look and feel great taking this wine tote to any party, event, dinner or outing...
  • The tote is roomy enough to hold a full reservoir (party pouch) AND all your essentials including your keys, wallet, cell, and makeup...
  • The durable cotton-canvas material is excellent quality and designed with comfort in mind. It can hold all your items (including the reservoir) while still being comfortable on your shoulders...
  • The hidden reservoir pocket means no one will ever know that you're carrying your favorite beverage inside...
  • The hidden pocket is insulated, keeping your drink cool for hours...
  • The included reservoir (AKA: The Party Pouch) is BPA-free so as to keep you and the environment healthy...
  • The designer flap on the backside means the spout of this wine purse is always concealed but easily accessible when you're ready for your next drink...
  • This purse can save you hundreds by never having to pay for another drink out again...
  • You will be able to keep everyone from getting thirsty -  wine, mixed drinks, beer, water, tea or even juice for the kids can be carried in this wine tote bag!   
  • And our favorite... The PortoVino wine tote will almost always get an outstanding (and often times envious) reaction from your friends!


Additional Note:  The Party pouch is made of a durable and resilient pouch and can be used over and over.  We recommend changing it after each use.  If you do choose to reuse the Party Pouch, be sure to clean it properly in between use.  The party pouch’s spout has a perforated closure that will act as a closed container before the first use.

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International Shipping

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PortoVino stands behind its products. We will gladly replace any defective product with an identical product or issue you a credit for the defective item. If you need to replace a product, please call us at 800-400-7345 within 7 days and we will provide you with an RMA #. All returns must have an RMA number. Please include a COPY of the invoice, your RMA number and a description of the problem with the return. If returned materials are not received within 30 days of the order date, we will be unable to issue a credit. Your return is usually processed within 3-5 business days after receipt of the item. All returned items MUST be in original packaging and cannot include any retail labels. PortoVino does not offer guaranteed sales.

PortoVino thanks you for your purchase and we look forward to serving you. Please let us know if you ever have any feedback on how we can improve our products or services.

How to Use the PortoVino 


Q. Does the purse come with a Party Pouch?

A. Yes! Every PortoVino comes with a Party Pouch to hold your favorite beverage.

Q. What are the PortoVinos made of?

A. Our regular PortoVino style is made of faux-leather and our canvas style is made of 100% cotton. 

Q. Do you have a minimum order?

A. Yes, orders must total at least $300 to ship.

Q. Can I get free shipping?

A. Sure, All orders that deliver withing the continental US will get free shipping on orders over $300.

Q. Do you have variety packs so I can get different colors? 

A. Unfortunately we don't offer variety packs or mixed cases, however each case is 2 units so it is easy to get a few different colors without a large order.

Q. Can you use a wine box bladder in this purse?

A. It depends on the size of the bladder. Most boxed wines bladders are a little too big to carry in the PortoVino. It only holds 1.5L of wine (2 bottles) and most boxed wines hold 4 bottles worth of wine. 

Q. Will this bag (filled) pass security checkpoints at concerts and such?

A. Yes! As long as they don't open the secret pocket you'll be able to pass through undetected. Please use responsibly, however. ;) 

Q. Does the bag give the wine a plastic taste?

A. Nope! The Party Pouch uses the same material as boxed wine bladders and does not add any taste to your wine. 

Q. Does the wine container take up lots of room in the purse?

A. Nope! The Party Pouch filled fits perfectly into a side pocket leaving plenty of room for your other items. 

Q. Can I use the Party Pouch more than once?

A. We recommend replacing it with each use to make sure you have a clean start for each use. They are durable enough for multiple uses, but they must be cleaned extremely well in between uses. Please keep in mind that you reuse your Party Pouch at your own risk. :)

Q. Does the spout leak at all?

A. Each spout comes with a little cap that prevents leaks. And as long as you've put the spout back into the Party Pouch (listen for 3 clicks) tightly you shouldn't experience any leaks!

Q. But, I still have more questions!

A. If you have more questions, you can find more about our policies here, or you can see how to contact us here!

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