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March 16, 2017


How to use Bella Vita products to look like a real wine enthusiast


What does a wine enthusiast look like? When you mentally picture such a person, do you see a distinguished James Bond-esque man in a dinner jacket? Maybe you envision a sophisticated woman in a cocktail dress at a fancy gala, sipping Champagne. If so, you may be surprised to learn that wine enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, and some even wear jeans!

No matter what your favorite outfit may be, or if your gathering is small or large, fancy or casual, formal or informal, when you have a get together with Bella Vita accessories, you will look like a real wine enthusiast.AWP-WineVac_0ep7-vg

Bella Vita offers the absolute best in wine accessories. Whether you choose one of our practical foil cutters with 4-sided cutting action, a colorful, functional corkscrew, or our useful and beautiful wine aerators, you will look like a pro before the wine bottle is ever opened.

Your friends will be amazed when they see your elegant red drip ring that keeps things neat and clean with no muss, no fuss. The fact that you have matching red napkins will subtly say “I care enough to accessorize.”

Party goers will be enchanted by your adorable wine glass charms that help them keep track of which glass is theirs, and your coordinating coasters will leave them marveling at your decorating skills.AWM_Boas

When the party’s winding down and you want to preserve the taste and freshness of your wine until it’s time to pour the next glass, our unique bottle stoppers will not only do the job well, but their beauty and style will start conversations.

If you are looking for the best choice in wine bottle gift bags and boxes, you have definitely arrived at the right place! We proudly offer you over 300 choices of the perfect way to present a bottle of wine as a gift.

Bella Vita products are the perfect way to show your enthusiasm for all things wine!