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March 18, 2016

Spring is just about here, regardless of what the groundhog says. It’s never too early to start planning a Spring Fling, and in the spirit of blooming flowers, sunshine, and nice weather we believe a wine and cheese party is in order. You survived another winter and that is a feat worthy of wine! This may be another ruse to drink and eat delicious appetizers, but we fully support the whims of spring flinging and celebrating life! Bella Vita is here to help you plan your next get together.

Wine that tastes like its right off the Spring Vine.

Spring brings about a whole new array of delicious wines to choose from and pair with. When planning your spring fling, you will want to make sure you have your wine check list all sorted. We know how tempting a trip to the wine store can be, so make sure you go with some direction. A few of Bella Vita’s favorite affordable Spring White Wines are Abbeyville Fume Blanc, Brenreiter Gemister Satz, Red Tail Ridge Finger Lakes Pinot Noir. If you prefer red wine a Franciscan Estate Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is a divine option. A hostess with the mostest will certainly want to accommodate tastes and perhaps even gift bag some wine for a take home treat. Also, make sure you have your bottle toppers ready. With so many open bottles you’ll want your wine to maintain its delicious flavor.

Cheese that’s sure to please.

Cheese paring with spring wine is fun because you really can’t go wrong. The light and sweet flavors of spring make for delicious cheese options that also pair well with olives, fruits, and nuts. Bella Vita’s go to spring cheese list is simple and flavorful. It includes a pecorino pepato, tomme de Savoie, Hoja Santa, and last but not least Trader Joe’s Spring Premier Cheddar. We are always sure to serve up the snacks on one of our slate cheese board sets, that way we can label exactly which cheese is which for an optimal tasting experience. We also use our serving picks, dipping bowls, and cruets for the other little tasty tidbits.

Set the stage for your Spring Fling.

Create an environment for your guests that’s both inviting and relaxing. Move your shindig outside and enjoy the fresh air. String some lights around your patio or in a few trees and light some citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay. As homage to spring we also like to fill a few vases with some handpicked wild flowers to really capture the essence of the season. We also recommend making a spring play list so you can sip in style and sway.

Spring Fling Party Check List:

Wine Bottle Openers

Bottle Toppers

Cheese Board Serving Trays

Cocktail Napkins

Serving Picks

Fresh Flowers

Citronella Candles

Party Tunes

This season enjoy the gifts that nature provides.  From wine to fresh picked flowers, enjoy the bounties of the season. There is no better time for celebration, and with a few friends and loved ones to cheers with the good life seems all the more sweet.

Cheers,                                                                                                                             Bella Vita

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