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February 16, 2017


Getting March Madness ready;
wine, beer, snacks


Every college basketball fans favorite time of year is fast approaching. Are you ready for some college hoops…and all that goes along with hosting your friends at your house for the big games? As you plan your perfect get together, you will want to be sure you have all you need on hand before your guests arrive. For those craft beer lovers, one of our unique beer bottle openers will be appreciated, and maybe even bring envy to a few friends. Choose from a variety of fun designs, made with quality and functionality.  Mustache Bottle Opener

With several shapes and figures to choose from, you can forget that boring bottle opener in the bottom of your kitchen junk drawer. The magnets included on the back of many of our cool bottle openers mean you can stick them on your beer fridge, where they’ll be hanging out, waiting for you take out a cold one. Made of stainless steel and silicone or shatter proof plastic, when you buy one from Bella Vita, you will have a bottle opener that lasts through all of the excitement.

Of course if you are the one traveling to the party, you’ll want a freezable bag to keep your brewsky ice cold until you get to there. These handy bags just need to be placed in the freezer a few hours before you head out then loaded up with your favorite bottled drinks. With easy to carry handles, you will be the life of the party and will never have to suffer through a warm beer again.  Freezable Beer Bag

When you need to open a bottle of wine for the more classy guests, you need a corkscrew you can rely on. We have waiter and wing corkscrews, both single and double-levered designs, a variety of cool colors, and price-points that will make everyone happy. Once your wine is open, you need to let it breathe. Check out our aerators and pourers – essential wine accessories for any wine lover – and let your wine breathe in style.

Snacks are a big part of watching any sporting event, and we have just the right accessories to show off your snacks in style. From our selection of festive napkins to our serving trays and utensils, cheese board sets and stylish dipping bowls, we have everything you need to pull off the perfect presentation.