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December 16, 2015

Holiday Wine Gift Ideas

Around the holidays we all tend to go little nuts.

Christmas shopping is stressful work, and when it comes to unique and inspired gift ideas, it’s much easier said than done.

If there is one thing Bella Vita knows all about its wine! We know wine, and we know our kind, the wine lovers who live to wine. So, while we can’t help you with your Aunt Sally who likes to knit, or Uncle Bob who likes old westerns, we can help you chose some awesome gifts for the winos in your life.

We have picked our top 5 wine themed Christmas gifts, and aside from gifting wine itself, we think these wine accessories are the best gifts money can buy.

1. Musical Wine Glasses

… Yep you read it right! We said musical wine glasses.
It’s all the sophistication of wine with all the fun of a karaoke. The wine glasses indicate the necessary wine needed to hit the correct notes in sandblasted etching. All you have to do is simply fill with wine and run the rim of the glass with a moistened finger… viola! Its musical wine glasses! Its wine gift giving pitch perfect perfection.

2. Wine Stopper

Listen as much as any wine drinker will hate to admit it, sometimes it’s impossible to polish off the whole bottle. It’s also a sad reality that wine doesn’t keep very well once it’s exposed to air. Well this wine gift suggestion is not only holiday festive, but it’s practical as well. You guessed it (so clever) it’s a wine stopper. Styled like a Christmas ornament, this wine stopper beckons “Let’s Get Jolly” and nothing makes a party more jolly quite like wine. Be a hero, save some wine from the kitchen sink and gift a wine stopper that will extend the shelf life of a half opened bottle. This stopper makes a great hostess gift for a holiday party!

3. A Wine Hook

Genius. Just pure human ingenuity at its finest.
Our next wine gift suggestion proves that where there is a wine drinking will, there is a way.
The Wine Hook is an outdoor chair stemmed glass holder that easily slides on the arm of most outdoor chairs (patio chairs, Adirondack chairs camp/bag chairs and others, arms up to 1″ thick) and securely holds your stemmed wine glass. It is made out of ABS plastic and is insanely useful. It’s also just $9.99 so you can wrap up some wine in a bottle bag and gift wine alongside it. Wow. You’re good.

4. Wine Soap

All natural and gluten free, these soaps are no ordinary soaps.
These soap bars are wine scented and full-bodied. It might not be acceptable to drink before noon, but showering is encouraged and these wine scented soaps will curb cravings until noon. They make for a great novelty gift and are handmade in Monroe, Georgia. What wine lover wouldn’t like to take their obsession to the next level? Hit the showers will have a whole new novice meaning if you gift this to the wine obsessed in your life.

5. Aerator

The gift of a glass of crisp, smooth, and tasty wine is second to none.
A wine aerator system delivers just that with every bottle. With Bella Vitas acrylic aerator it can be done easily and fast. This aerator features a stainless steel aerating ring with 5 aerating holes for quick aeration and a rubber base to ensure a snug fit in any wine bottle. There isn’t a wine connoisseur alive who doesn’t value the taste an aerator provides. This fantastic accessory is truly the gift that keeps on giving, glass, after glass, after glass!

These 5 wine gift ideas come with our Bella Vita assurance of a satisfied recipient. Heck, maybe you are even shopping for yourself (good for you)! The holidays can be stressful, but the truth is …
Wine makes everyone feel better! You thought we were going to say it’s the thought that counts didn’t you.

When all else fails just shop for all your gift giving needs for both foodies and wine lovers alike. We have wine gift bags, wine accessories, gourmet gift bags, gourmet accessories, and so many fun and unique beer and bar gifts that you really can find something for everyone. This isn’t even a sales pitch, it’s simply an easy holiday fix your Christmas gift giving dilemmas.

We wish you a very merry Christmas & a happy New Year!
No matter what you do, be safe, drink responsibly, and have a whole lot of fun.

Bella Vita