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February 09, 2016

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

For most couples Valentine’s Day means flowers and chocolate, but we don’t believe that you should be stuck to those standards! Valentine’s Day is all about love and love comes in many shapes and sizes. Like a round pizza, a square box of wine, or an oblong bottle of beer. The point being love means something different to everyone. If you are anything like us food loving, beer drinking, winos at Bella Vita then you know chocolates and flowers are on the boring side of gift giving and expressions of love.

On February the 14th gift exchanging is certainly an unspoken necessity between you and the one you love. The stresses of this demand can be impossible to overcome, especially when the stores are stocked with easily accessible heart shaped boxes, and bouquets of flowers. Fight the urge! We don’t want that for you or your sweetheart! So, we took it upon ourselves to find the most unique and fun gifts possible for the wine loving, Beer drinking, foodie in your life.

We have scouted out 5 gifts fit for such an awesome person, and congrats to you for finding such a gem! Let’s not waste any more time, between shipping and decision making you’re already behind. Good thing we came to the rescue just in the nick of time

  1. ABO EyeLips Magnetic Bottle Opener from Bella Vita //

This seriously cute and extremely useful bottle opener sticks right to your fridge. It’s like a big kiss every time you pop the top off a bottle of ice cold beer. Also, the eyes can be used to stick up sweet memories of you and your beloved, or hang a useful grocery list that will probably consist of: wine, beer, pizza and perhaps some Kale to balance it all.

Please Note: There is also an ABO EyeStache opener equally as handsome and fit for the man of the house //

  1. Bicycle Wine Rack Leather Bottle Holder from OopsMark //

Okay, HELLO where have you been all our lives? This wine carrier is the perfect combination of unnecessary and yet oh so necessary. For those of you who live in the city and a bike is far more practical,  this wine carrier is a life saver. Balancing bags while biking is not only unsafe but it’s also a bit like performing  in the circus. If you’re not a biker, no worries!  Bella Vita has an assortment of reusable bottle nets that are perfect for toting wine easily. They even double as a market bag. Yes,  we’ve thought of it all!

  1. Mini Beer Pong Table //

Perfect for those cozy nights in together, you know the nights where you have work the next day, but still want to be a tiny bit irresponsible. We’ve all been there, and if this won’t create bonding time between you and your partner we honestly don’t know what will. It travels easily and can be turned into a fun game of strip shooters… just saying.

  1. EVOO Gift Set from Montello Fine Food // 

Talk about foodie heaven! You can’t go wrong with anything from Montello Fine Foods. Their EVOO is some of the finest around and they even have recipes on their website to point you in the right direction if you choose to cook a Valentine’s Day dinner at home. Nothing sets the tone for an amazing night like a tasty treat and a bottle of wine. Bella Vita even has Olive Oil gift bags to make for the ultimate gift giving experience. It’s an out of the box gift that will satisfy on every level!

  1. Custom M&M’s //

Okay we know we said chocolate was overrated, but this chocolate can have your face on it! You can say “Eat Me” and literally mean it. Besides, who are we kidding? Any foodie has chocolate as a staple in their diet, so you might as well dress it up in a fun shell. It’s a really cool way to share your love for each other and for candy. It’s by no means a traditional box of chocolates, and you can gift it with wine or beer. Not to mention reaping in the benefits of being so thoughtful and your partner having to share the goodies. It’s the very definition of a win/win situation! You see, not so lame.

There you have it! 5 unique gift ideas that are without question going to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for so many reasons… Unless of course you hit the Mini Beer Pong Table right away or put the Beer Bottle Openers to serious use all night. We don’t judge.

If you don’t have time to fuss too much or are shopping for something small with big impact, Bella Vita has a large selection of Wine Bags and Bottle totes that are perfect for gifting wine, beer and spirits. Some of the Wine Bags even carry more than one bottle, hint hint. We also have a great selection of gourmet accessories, bar trinkets, and wine necessities that make a great addition to an already planned night in.

No matter which way you go, your partner is one lucky person! You’re doing research and reading a blog on the perfect gift, we wish you could gift that alone. We know you must care an awful lot and that right there is what Valentine’s Day is all about. It’s about celebrating the good life, with big love!

You can thank us later! There is no time to waste as the count down to the big day presses ever forward.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and please feel free to let us know below if you love these ideas just as much as we do.


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